PhotoJam - Boost your creativity with AI
PhotoJam - Boost your creativity with AI
PhotoJam - Boost your creativity with AI
PhotoJam - Boost your creativity with AI
PhotoJam - Boost your creativity with AI
PhotoJam - Boost your creativity with AI
Boost your creativity with

Virtual Studio

Create professional images in seconds with PhotoJam — just one click away to transforming your ideas into stunning visuals.

Design unique scenes

Bring your boldest ideas to life! Create unique scenes and breathtaking images for any product or purpose you desire. Virtual studio takes creativity to the next level.

Explore outstanding presets

Your products will leave a great impression with PhotoJam’s ready-made presets of environment, location, style, and lighting for any product and industry. If you prefer, just create your own individual templates and get a unique look just for your business!

Refine any photo for ideal results

Create perfect images with ease, removing unwanted objects and details, cleaning up all excess elements, and giving life to your vision.

Easy сolor change to all preferences

Recolor any element of your images, getting the perfect combination for each shade of your product. Make everything look exactly as you imagine them!

Flexible cropping for any needs

Select or set the appropriate photo size for marketplaces, online shops, eCommerce, social networks, or any other purpose. Download high-resolution photos to ensure they look perfect on any platform.

Choose across 80+ themes

Choose between different themes, backgrounds, and templates. Suitable for several product groups, locations, environments, styles, and industries. Additionally, you can create and construct personal presets to highlight your product’s uniqueness.
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Choose your plan

For Virtual Studio 1 generation = 1 jamcoin, For AI Models 1 generation = 20 jamcoins
Virtual studio & AI models
Get started
20 jamcoins
per month
1 month of photo storage
Virtual studio
$10 / month
$7 / month
$78 / year
Get started
500 jamcoins
per month
6 month of photo storage
Virtual studio & AI models
$29 / month
$19 / month
$228 / year
Get started
5 000 jamcoins
per month
1 year of photo storage
Plan Trial Light Pro
Jamcoins 20 / month 500 / month 5 000 / month
Photo storage 1 month 6 months 1 year
Jamcoins reset period 7 days monthly monthly
AI Models +   +
Virtual Studio + + +
Background removal + + +
Unique presets + + +
Scene constructor + + +
Custom style and theme + + +
Resizing + + +
High quality export + + +
References + + +
Сleanup (soon) +   +
Recoloring (soon) +   +
Infographics +   +
Payment by invoice      
Imagination is all you need
Transform your photo into a stunning and compelling image that highlights all the strong and distinctive features of your product.
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