Images generated by a neural network

Amid rising commissions and rates, look for ways to cut costs. Change your approach to content creation - start working with neural networks. Professional subject photography is more expensive than subscribing to a service. But realistic photos from AI you will get cheaper and faster - in a couple of clicks.

The world is being revolutionized by fashion brands, whose products are advertised by digital models. And soon PhotoJam will have this opportunity - you can create pictures for Russian and foreign platforms.

Minimalistic infographics

Bright and colorful pictures with excessive text will be replaced by minimalistic infographics with calm colors (white, beige, sky blue, light gray, etc.). The text will become "dry" - only the main advantages and nothing superfluous.

Infographics are gradually moving away from the title photo. For example, WB in the categories "underwear", "clothing", "cosmetics" already limits the possibility to put infographics in the first place.


Shooting videos is a continuing trend for 2023. For now, it is an accessible, informative and gamified way to show a product and tell how to choose, use and combine it. There is, of course, text, but the "ticktockerization" of users' consciousness brings short videos to the Olympus. Therefore, do not make videos longer than 30-40 seconds.

Rich content

On Ozon it has existed for a long time, and on Wildberries it appeared in January this year.

Highlight the strengths and advantages of a product, tell why customers choose you over your competitors, share positive reviews or video reviews from opinion leaders - Rich content blocks can be different. And if you are developing your brand this format is a must have for you. First, it can be designed with brand colors. Secondly, you can use storytelling, which customers love so much.