It's time to put this criterion out of brackets and consider it an axiom. But no, there are still blurry, fuzzy photos with unprofessional color correction on marketplaces.


To simplify the organization of photography and reduce its cost, sellers began to photograph clothes on invisible mannequins. However, the thing loses its shape and movement, and the buyer loses an idea of how a dress, a T-shirt, a jacket or something else looks on a person.

The "catalog" approach

This means that for each product item you create 4-5 photos that show the product from multiple angles, including details - material structure, pockets, buttons, seams, locks, etc. The cards do not require "high fashion" shoots with complex and asymmetrical posing.


It always works in favor. The type - cool or warm - depends on the design and rules of the site where you sell the product.

It is possible to come up with and create high-quality and unique photos by following these 4 criteria yourself - without a team of photographers, but with a trained PhotoJam neural network.

With the launch of AI models, users of the service now have the opportunity to edit the parameters of the model - age, ethnicity, hair and skin color, as well as hairstyle type.